Tanky FAQs

Will it remove enough oil?

The Sudraker™ II will remove up to 2 litres of oil per hour and the Sudraker™ III will remove up to 3.5 litres of oil per hour. The units are designed to run 24 hours per day so will keep working when your equipment is not. If your application requires more oil removal than this, ask about our modular boomraker system.

Will it remove oils emulsified in the solution?

Not very efficiently. The Sudraker™ is designed to remove free oils from the surface of the solution. It is therefore advisable to let the solution to settle from time to time to allow the emulsified oils to separate and float. If this is impracticable ask about our Lube-tube separator system.

How often will I have to change belts?

It is unlikely that you will ever need to change the belt on the skimmer, the materials used are highly chemical resistant and are not subjected to fatigue in the way that conventional skimmer belts are. The belts can suffer slightly from surface wear in applications where hard gritty particles are present in the solution, but should still give extremely good service life and all of our oil skimmer belts benefit from a 5 Year warranty.

Do you need a solution for removing heavy oils or sinking oils from your coolant tanks?

We are currently in the process of developing a new product which is specifically designed to remove heavy or sinking oils from a wide range of working environments where oils are likely to collect in the bottom of process or cooling tanks.

If you require more details about this new product then please contact us for more details.