Product Overview

Overview of the Sudraker oil skimmers

The Sudraker™ II and Sudraker™ III oil skimmers are designed to cope with harsh washing and plating plant environments; they are quite possibly the sturdiest, most reliable oil skimmers on the market today and are the only ones to offer a five year warranty on the belt.

Features of our oil skimmers

  • All wetted parts are of stainless steel and chemical resistant polymer construction
  • Belts do not require a weight or tensioning device – less strain on the motor, no weight to lose in the tank, no tensioner to get damaged.
  • Belt is of a tank-track construction, fatigue free, and self lubricating
  • Skimming area is shrouded to reduce heat/steam loss from heated tanks
  • Cool running low torque motor
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • IP 65 connector for quick disconnection of the oil skimmer

5 steps for getting the right configuration for your oil skimmer

There are only a few factors to consider when designing your oil skimmer installation and they are as follows:

  1. Decide what voltage you would like for your oil skimmer. 110 Volt or 240 volt
  2. Decide on a mounting method – see ‘Mounting arrangements’ under the ‘About Tanky’ tab
  3. Select any mounting accessories (listed below) based on the advice given in the ‘Mounting arrangements’ section
  4. Determine the length of belt drop required – from the bottom of the oil skimmer to the surface of the oily solution to be treated, when the oily solution is at its lowest level. We will need this information to help us determine the total length of the belt that you will require
  5. Choose the right type of oil outlet based on the type of oil being removed – easy clean trough or Hose-tail connection

Core products

(Prices exclusive of VAT)

Sudraker II – Single belt oil skimmer – The single oil skimmer is adequate for the majority of applications. These units are designed to run 24 hours a day and can remove approximately 50 litres of oil per day.* £720 (Belt to be purchased separately)

Sudraker III – Twin belt oil skimmer – The twin oil skimmer is available for heavy duty installations where more oil is expected. These units are designed to run 24 hours a day and can remove approximately 80 litres of oil per day.* £995 (Belt to be purchased separately)Sudraker 3

*Oil removal rates were established through trials. Actual oil removal rates for any given installation will depend on the amount of oil available to  skim, the viscosity of the oil being removed and the general temperature of the solution.

Oil skimmer Belt – To be fitted to Sudraker II and III skimmers. Our belt calculator will help you purchase the right belt length. Remember that the Sudraker III will require 2 belts!

Typical oil skimmer belt lengths

  • 200mm drop belt £97.50
  • 300mm drop belt £110.50
  • 400mm drop belt £136.50

Oil skimmer belts can be made to any length in increments of 50mm.

Oil Skimmer Accessories

(Prices exclusive of VAT)

Hose-tail adaptor and hose – The standard oil skimmer comes with an easy clean trough outlet for all foam and oil removal applications. If the viscosity of the oil that is being removed is low enough (i.e. the oil runs freely) then you may wish to fit a hose-tail adaptor and hose, to cleanly duct the oil into the small aperture of a 25 litre chemical drum or similar receptacle.

Riser Pedestal – A riser pedestal raises the oil skimmer above the surface on which it is to sit. The riser has a sealed construction which helps prevent heat and steam loss from sealed tanks. Our typical installations page shows examples of where riser pedestals should be used.

  • 150mm Riser Pedestal:     £60
  • 300mm Riser Pedestal     £70
  • 600mm Riser Pedestal     £90

Bespoke lengths available on request

Hangman pedestal – with wheels to allow for mobile deployment over open tanks. £POA

Oil collection tank, stainless steel – For use typically with 600mm Extended Riser Pedestal. This tank comes complete with pouring spout and 2 handles to make light work of decanting collected oil into larger waste containers. The collection tank attaches to the riser to reduce the risk of it being dislodged. £240

The oil collection tank makes possible the addition of ‘Oil level and tank presence detection’ (See below)

Oil level and tank presence detection – Only available together with the ‘Oil collection tank’ (see above). This facility greatly reduces the risk of oil spillage, either from over-filling of the collection tank, or from the oil skimmer being run without a collection tank being present. £95

Cooling fan – For particularly hot environments you can increase air throughput to keep the motor cool. £25

Forced air cooling – Compressed air inlet and flow restrictor to provide clean cooling air in chemically rich environments. Note: air supply must be dry and filtered. £18

Other products and services

Extended warranty

We offer an extended return to base warranty option for oil skimmers that are out of their initial warranty period. This can be taken out at any time with prices from £8.50/month (UK mainland only). Contact us for further details.

Rental option – Rent an oil skimmer from around £48 per month including consumables for hassle free oil removal (price dependant on type of oil skimmer and belt length). See ‘Rental‘ tab for more information.