Mounting & Installation Arrangements

SUDRAKER™ II & III Oil Skimmers

Typical applications

Sudraker™ oil skimmers have been designed for the removal of process or tramp oils from the surface of;

  • Wash or rinse tanks of industrial washing or de-greasing machines
  • De-greasing or rinse stages of in line plating plant
  • Coolant trays or machining centres.
  • Effluent treatment tanks
  • Drainage sumps
  • Anywhere where oil is present on the surface of a solution
  • Skimmers are the ideal choice for fluctuating fluid levels

Typical working environment

Sudraker™ oil skimmers have been designed to work;

  • on tank surfaces temperatures up to 70°C
  • with solution temperatures up 85°C
  • in some chemically rich atmospheres. The skimmer uses chemically resistant polymers and stainless steel for all wetted parts. Optional upgrade to 316 Stainless steel available
  • Note: do talk to us regarding extreme environments as we may be able to offer installations to suit.

Typical mounting arrangements

Mounting of the skimmer could not be easier with our comprehensive range of cost effective clamping arrangements. We can cater for the following installations:

Direct mounting over a covered tank – standard installation. Use this option when your skimmer can be mounted close to the edge of a covered tank. No additional mounting kit is necessary but you may still wish to use a hose-tail adaptor and hose (accessories) to aid with oil collection.

Raised mounting over a covered tank – our ‘short riser’ option (accessories) ensures a suitably steep gradient for oil run-off where oil skimmers cannot be mounted near the edge of a tank.

Floor mounting on checker plate for machine sumps – our extended riser’ option (accessories) provides adequate clearance from the floor level to allow for insertion of an oil container or our bespoke oil collection tanks (accessories).

Lip mounting on the edge of an open tank – our ‘lip mounting kit’ (accessories) enables a skimmer to mounted on the edge of an open tank. The kit can cater for tanks with straight sides, all the way up to insulated tanks with rolled tops up to 80mm thick as standard (for thicker tanks we can make to order).

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